Hi, my name is Vlad and I'm an experienced creator (advertising, PR, augmented reality)
I have big creativity experience, worked in 3 advertising agencies, had my own event business and AR studio. Here I've collected my best practices which describe best my skills.
I was a director, 2nd director, screenwriter in various projects: from musical clips to commercials.
Babyhit / director
Bezbileta / 2nd director for 3 videos
Pinskdrev / screenwriter for a "Mr.Freeman" concept.
Social business Belarus / screenwriter
My creative ideas spread all over the world, there are 4 best hype-cases in design field that generates hundreds reposts and thousands likes.
Augmented reality
I have 3 years in creating Social AR (Instagram - Snapchat - TikTok) and I want to share with you my best cases and portfolio.
Lusterka - first worldwide AR exhibition for Belarusian contemporary artists.
T-shirt with AR - first in Belarus.
Portfolio of my AR projects.
Let's keep in touch
+48 786 423 805
I have created first NFT vegan cafe on Opensea.
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